FortiOS 5.0.7 最大值表格更新!

About the Maximum Values Table

All objects in the maximum values table have either a global limit, which applies to the entire FortiGate configuration, or a VDOM limit, which applies only to a single VDOM. For objects that have only a VDOM limit, the global limit is the VDOM limit multiplied by the number of VDOMs for that unit. For example, the FortiGate-60C can have 10 VDOMs and has a VDOM limit of 32 DHCP servers. This means that the global limit is 320.

By default, most FortiGate models support a maximum of 10 VDOMs in any combination of NAT/Route and Transparent operating modes. For FortiGate models 3000 and higher, a license key can be purchased to increase the maximum number.

The Maximum Values Table has been updated with values for FortiOS 5.0.7. For more information, see the Change Log.

Black cells Objects with global limits
Gray cells Objects with VDOM limits
0 Objects with no hard limit, such as objects limited by system memory
INT Objects that are limited by the number of available interfaces
- Unsupported feature

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